Our curriculum

Our curriculum is the primary way that we seek to achieve our core mission: to ensure that every pupil leaves our school with the ability and desire to learn more, unlock their potential and make their mark in the world.

Pupils at Headley Park are taught an ambitious curriculum, which is rigorous, coherent and sequential, where knowledge is taught to be remembered. Our cumulative curriculum from EYFS to Year 6, ensures that children build on their knowledge year by year. The curriculum is rooted in the strongest available evidence about how pupils learn and retain knowledge in the long term.

Guiding principles

The following principles guide our curriculum design (intent) and delivery (implementation) across all subjects.

At Headley Park the curriculum is:

  • rich in powerful knowledge, skills and vocabulary, which are specified, taught, assessed and remembered by pupils;
  • well-planned and sequenced so that key concepts are built on year by year;
    rooted in the strongest available evidence about how pupils learn and retain knowledge in the long term;
  • taught by expert teachers;
  • underpinned by a sharp use of assessment to support and progress learning; and
  • supportive of teacher workload, wellbeing and professional development.

Curriculum Overviews

See here for the curriculum overviews for each year group (Year 1 - Year 6). Early Years overviews can be found on the EYFS page of our website here

Subject Overviews

Click on the subjects below to find out more about our broad and balanced curriculum. If you require any further information about the curriculum, please contact Mr Gingell via the school office. 

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

High quality teaching is the first step in responding to pupils who have special educational needs (SEND Code of Practice, 2015: 6.36-6.37). We have high expectations for all our pupils and use the Education Endowment Fund SEND guidance (EEF, 2021) to support all to achieve. 

HPPS offers an ambitious and rigorous curriculum for all pupils, which is scaffolded for pupils who require additional support to access age related content. We use resources tailored to the needs of pupils who require support to access the curriculum (for example, individual iPads for pupils who are visually impaired to access whole class teaching; and resources printed on coloured paper for children with visual stress). For pupils who require significant curriculum adaptations, learning content is differentiated appropriately. We seek advice from relevant services (e.g. Occupational Therapy, Sensory Support Service) and set targets for pupils with additional needs.

Curriculum Policy

Further detail can be found here.