Eco Team

At Headley park we are committed to improving our school environment and developing an understanding and awareness for the importance of protecting our planet. We have eco reps (or ‘eco warriors’) who are responsible for ensuring our eco policy is met within the classroom. This includes checking that all paper and card is recycled and always in the correct bin and ensuring that screens and lights are off when the class leaves the room. We have food bins across the school and in staff shared spaces there are recycling bins for dry recycling. We are part of the ‘Eco Schools’ scheme, which aims at empowering children and young people to improve our environment.

Being part of the trust means we have a number of shared goals: short term aims are to ensure we use the sustainable development goals across the curriculum and we are moving forward to have all schools signed up to the ‘Let’s Go Zero’ campaign. There is an annual Earth Week across all schools and we work closely with each other to share motivation, ideas and results. There are larger goals that will be coming to fruition in the next couple of years, which will tackle bigger issues of energy use and how to reduce the amount of paper used within our schools. The main areas of focus across the schools are: waste; young people; embedding sustainability in the life of the school and best practice across all schools. CST Sustainability has been shaped with this acronym:

Shared responsibility
Taking positive action